Mother Goose Volume 2

Hello there! here’s a quickie!

The Tales of Great Britain’s Mother Goose Volume 2 will be released on the 1st of June 2012!♥

And here’s how the cover looks like~

If I shall be honest, I’ll say that I prefer Volume 1’s cover but that’s just me! :)

Coming up next would be the release of Gensou Ikai Volume 26/Elhanburg Angel Ch4 \o/

Please stay tuned~♥


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7 Responses to Mother Goose Volume 2

  1. MelMelMelon says:

    I hope that by now they’ll be planning a volume release of Elhanburg Angel >< I really want to read it uuurg

    • michiikargh says:

      They’ll probably need 2 more chapters to publish a book TAT and that means the fastest we could get the tank is mid of next year QuQ that’s such a long way to go :(

  2. Cage of Maze says:

    *A* AH.
    Mother Goose 2!! Cool~~ …I am looking forward to some kind of development between the main duo… ALTHOUGH I haven’t read the first book either… but… but… (\ *A*)/

    • michiikargh says:

      \o/ once you’ve read it and tell me all about it! ~*O*♥ will you be getting volume 2 too? XD

      • Cage of Maze says:

        With my kanji skills that might take some time… lol …and yeah, I thought of getting vol. 2 too~

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