Olympos by Yen Press

Hey guys, miss me? /shot/ maybe not. There hasn’t been any much Aki news lately, and I’m still stuck on writing Elhanburg’s Chapter 1 lol /shot/ So, anyway, here’s an old news which you’ve probably heard of :)

As you know, Yen Press has licensed Olimpos/Olympos and it is due to release next month (June) in omnibus (2 volumes in 1)! ★彡

And Yen Press has just updated with the cover! :D~♥

ISBN: 978-0-316-20950-2 | $18.99 ($20.99)

Well, nothing to complain about as everything about the cover is fine and faithful to the original (including the font) :D Sadly, we don’t get to see Ganymede. Perhaps he’d be at the back of the cover? mmm.

So, if you’d like to read or get your Olimpos/Olympos in English and in book form, please do support Yen Press and Aki-sensei! :)

/end of update and rolls back to tumblr/


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7 Responses to Olympos by Yen Press

  1. MelMelMelon says:

    Did Aki recolor and resize it!? It looks different from the old cover… [But then again, I have the Taiwanese version so they might have changed it owo]

    Regardless AAAAAAAAAAAAHH I’M SO EXCITED ASDFGHJKL; Though, I’m kinda scared to read it :/ The language in Olimpos is pretty sensitive and difficult to translate… ;w; Not like in a pun way but like definitions and depth…

    • michiikargh says:

      I don’t think Aki recoloured it :’D Yen Press probably toned up the colours or something a little bit.. and slightly cropped it (the sides) but the top and the bottom is longer.. hmm~ How does the Taiwanese version look like OAO?

      I’m pretty scared of how they’ll translate it too D: but we shall see how they fare once they’ve released it :D/

      • MelMelMelon says:

        Hrm true.. That’s great since it looks amazing now! >////:( I regretted buying that and not the original.

    • Cage of Maze says:

      Aa, the original illustrations used for the covers are sometimes full images which are cropped as the designer wishes when they are added to the cover – so I don’t think there’s anything to the size either…

  2. Lehst says:

    :D wow it’s getting to be that time already? I’ve been waiting for this to come out. I like the story of Olympos, but I’m not a fan of any particular character, so I pretty much just plan to buy it to support English release of Aki’s work. I want A.D. and Aruosumente to follow suit~ xD

    • michiikargh says:

      Time really flies huh? I was waiting for it too XD and can’t wait to get my hands on it♥ Apollo is the one that got me into Aki, so I decided to place him as my fav char \o/ I sure hope Yen Press would take up A.D and Aruosumente too!! *O* maybe we could suggest this to them :D

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