A*D, 13th chapter

Been a while, yes? So, I do have WARD lying in the corner too, but thought to write this first. Mainly for another new character. Aki is really throwing them in now… but maybe it is fair to tell about Eiri’s past a bit too, after Force… I liked it, that’s for sure.

So, from Kurofune ZERO Spring 2012 issue…

Like usual, the series was in the cover with a delicious illustration of Force. No color pages, but nice title page anyway… As a side note, there’s only two or three series that I really like in Kurofune. How sad. *sob*…and hey, do tell me how the king’s whole name should be with latin letters… *sobsob*

Royal and noble, the true friends even without looking at rank.


Chapter opens with Eiri returning to home. He gets to change some words with his brother, before a loud shout cuts the conversation in the middle. Out of nowhere comes a man crashing on him which causes Mari to ask whether Eiri is okay. Eiri turns to his current doom, who came flattening him against the ground and says the person on top of him hasn’t changed at all, still not right about the limits in behaviour. He asks the spectacled man to move, for he is heavy. He also asks the man to stop poking and wonders if it’s fine for him to be there. The man replies happily replies that of course it is not a good thing. lol Anyway, he keeps sitting on Eiri and mentions it is fine if he comes to his house as a bride. lolol Eiri continues asking him to move. It is mentioned, that as Eiri is bad at making friends, this man is his only true friend.
…and to make it funnier, he is Rufus Adelheid Noi Ambur [ルーファス・アデルハイト・ノワ・アンブル], the king of the country, 17th of Adelheid’s line. Yey~ Yet Eiri only asks why did he come – to which the answer is obviously that he came to play when he heard Eiri’d be coming home. Rufus asks if Eiri saw anything interesting, but Eiri says he didn’t see anything interesting really, but met interesting person, Force Caluanthes. Rufus is all: “OH, FORCE, HUH? WELL, ISN’T HE THE MOST INTERESTING OF THE FOUR BROTHERS. THE BIRD OF PARADISE?” Eiri asks if Rufus knows him, and while eating cake Rufus tells Caluanthes family comes to pay their New Year’s greetings to the king every year. “The eldest is an ordinary good person, second son has sort of dead eyes (Eiri: “what’s with that assessment.”), third son is a devil-may-care and fourth will cause trouble in the future.” All of that is how the king sees the brothers… And he just keeps eating more cake… Eiri asks if Rufus knows of the fourth one’s servants, but that he admits to have no knowledge of. Rufus starts talking about sort of serious things, but Eiri interrupts: “Highness, eating four pieces is too much, isn’t it…” Rufus asks if he can eat the one he is holding.
Further away Mari is watching the two of them and comments to his servant how tyhe king’s expression differ from those he shows at the palace. Jenkins adds that Eiri seems happy too. Mari goes on saying he really was surprised when they first time met the king…

King is a king, no matter how he is inside.

[cuts to past]

…Eiri, just having been starting studies in the Royal College, brought home an upperclassman, the first friend he had brought home. He introduced the boy as “Rouvel Jester”, and after his rather … friendly introduction of “yahhoo” sort of stuff, Mari and the parents were shocked – “Eiri got caught by a bad friend!!!” Parents and Mari ponder about this person. The friend was 7 years older than Eiri, and has been repeating the year for some time now – for when he graduates, he’ll be succeeding his father. This made Mari think that he was just someone escaping responsibility, but he adds, as the narrator, that he didn’t yet know who the guest really was.
When Mari ends up being alone with “Rouvel” for a while, the guest suddenly tells he’d like to have Eiri as his aide. He also mentions Eiri being Mari’s spare, to which Mari is all “huh?”. Then he reveals he is the king-to-be and says he is appointing himself an aide, that he is considering no one else besides Eiri. Then surfaces the problem, or sort of bad thing of the business – as it is an honor to be chosen by the crown prince, the custom has been that the one to take the place has been an eldest son, but Eiri is second. Ignoring the first born and asking the second son is in a way wrong. Rufus explains it saying that the place of freedom to him was college and to be able to meet the best of friends just before he’d have to actually pass the grades and graduate was to him a miracle. Mari says, that even if he’d agree to this, there’d alwys be Eiri’s opinion. Rufus says that’s true, and that’s his biggest problem, as Eiri sees his life’s meaning to be existing as Mari’s spare. Rufus, however, is the king, and no matter how many decades it takes, he’ll wait or so.
…and when he became king in a year or so, he came to ask Eiri to be his aide. Mari is waiting Eiri as he comes from talking to the king, and Eiri tells smiling that of course he refused. Mari is falling into his thoguhts, seeing Eiri smiling so and making his decisions all the time thinking of Mari and what’s good for the older brother… Mari remembers that at the time king was 19 and Eiri only 12, and there is bound to be some angered by the fact that the king will always be keeping the aide’s seat open for Eiri, no matter how long it takes.

"Of course I refused."

[back to present]

Eiri is still turning down the offer for aide’s seat and merely gives the king some cake to take home. …apparently some of the cake Rufus ate consisted of Mari’s share… Poor man. As the time comes for the king to leave, Eiri asks: “…in the end, why did you come here?” Rufus answers that naturally to see Eiri, but Eiri seems not to take that as an answer. He says that naturally Rufus came to eat Jenkins’ cake. Rufus leaves adding he’s sorry for Mari’s share of the cake, revealing that the older brother was listening behind the corner.

¤ ¤ ¤

That’s that. Was a good chapter, hope you somehow understood some of my ramblings… *~*


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  1. MelMelMelon says:

    RUFUS HAS DEM SEXY GLASSES ❤ And little Eiri is so asdfghkl; ;w; Thank you so much for sharing thiiiiiis ><

  2. Pattie says:

    Thank you x1000000000000!! ^__^

  3. Friend says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy the two volumes of Angel’s Doubt?

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