A*D & Aruosumente, 12th chapter

It’s been a while, or so. I’ve been meaning to post summaries of the most recent chapters for a week now, but well… At least I got to do it now. *shrug* Interestingly enough, both A*D and Aruosumente are now in their 12th chapter…

Aruosumente 12 (Zerosum WARD #25)

First of all, the twins took the magazine cover, as you can see from the previous post. The chapter didn’t have a separate title page, which is a shame. ;A; …and there were the usual new year card illustrations in the beginning of the magazine, but again, sadly, they were so small that taking a picture would’ve showed you practically nothing (Aki’s picture had Reguna)…

Oh, and *giggle* that picture of Richter has not so much to do with the summary – it’s just that he looked cool~ Lately Richter has also become one of my personal favorites~


Richter walks in and asks how the kids are. He is told Rante has not yet regained consciousness, which in turn makes Richter wonder how long Dante will stay sitting and holding his brother’s hand.

Scene jumps to Kian telling the children are on Richter’s responsibility. Kian ensures him there’s no need to take care of/raise them as children. Yet again, Kian brings up the fact that they are to be used.

Later Richter is thinking about this while watching the kids, when a female knight wonders out loud if they really are that strong, the twins. Richter replies he does not know of ‘them’, but that the one awake sure is. The knight decides to become friends with them, for the time being. She introduces herself to Dante – she’s called Lamia. Silence falls – Dante says nothing. Lamia then cheerfully says it seems then she’s being ignored. BUT she does not give up! Next comes Yes/No game. She asks which of them is older, where they come from, if Rante is strong too and if Rante also makes such a blunt/unsocial face, but gets no answer. Lamia tells Dante to answer at least to one. …and he does, saying plain ‘wrong’ – but to which question he answered is a good question (Richter + facepalm ;3).

Back to the day they met the twins, Kian asks whether Dante would make a trade with him, wanting the boy to become a weapon for them in change for saving Rante’s life. Richter sees clearly that this was no trade, but an order to the boy to give his life as a sacrifice.

Rante finally wakes up and Dante starts crying. Lamia realizes Dante’s ‘wrong’ was an answer to whether Rante would also be blunt/unsocial – which obviously wasn’t so. She thinks the twins are interesting, but Dante has his own opinion of her: “Shut up, woman.” When Rante hears this and Lamia insisting on Dante using her name, he pulls Dante from his ear and tells him “It’s Lamia, Dante.” Dante goes on with “Shut up Lamia…” …and Rante pulls again, telling him to quit saying ‘shut up’. Lamia bursts out laughing.

Rante wakes up and some more Richter.

A*D 12 (Kurofune ZERO Winter 2011)

"I did say my brother's servant, but..."

Actually this chapter was out before Christmas, I just didn’t order Kurofune till now. Haha. The chapter opened with a color illustration of Riku, and, naturally, the cover was featuring the series too.
Anyway, it turned out to be even better than I expected! I completely fell in love with Force’s older brother~ Gives a bit Hades-like feeling, what do you think?

"I will not forgive quitting."


In the past we see how Ciz was unfit to be a servant from the beginning with his rude way of behaving. He has been once again fired, and is discussing his behavior with the owner of a servant employment facility, when a dark haired man steps in. Michael, the owner, does not recognize the man, but is soon corrected by Ciz, who tells him it is one of the Caluanthes’ family, more precisely the second son. The man is seeking a servant for his little brother’s mansion. Michael tells he has no such a servant available at the moment, but the noble emphasizes that the social status does not matter. Ciz lets out some out of place comments again, but realizes to shut his mouth when Michael starts shouting. The noble asks who the servant is, and soon, to the surprise of Ciz and Michael, decides to hire him. He also mentions that he won’t allow quitting – and will pay well. Well enough for Ciz to take the job.

When Ciz finally, after tedious traveling, finds the mansion of the youngest Caluanthes, his inner voice is screaming at the sheer size of the place and he curses the man who had told him it would be just a small place – and that he’d be the only servant. He steps in only to find a grand, but empty hall waiting. Michael’s words of the Bird of Paradise echo in his head. Soon a voice greets him, asking who he is. Ciz finds a black haired young man dressed in black watching him. Ciz can’t believe this boy would be the Bird of Paradise at all. Yet he speaks politely like is expected of a servant. However, he is soon interrupted by Force who says he should drop the politeness. This quickly makes Ciz explode and hit the sugar bowl on the table, but all this earns only a peaceful reply from Force: “5 cubes.”

Things change the moment they are leaving out as Force immeaditely dons weird colorful clothes. This makes Ciz see his behavior as if wearing another birds’ feathers when leaving the mansion.

 …back in current time, Riku sees Force cool. Ciz starts giving his opinion, but stops in the middle – “No. It’s nothing.”


Sorry for the long long post… ;v;


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8 Responses to A*D & Aruosumente, 12th chapter

  1. michiikargh says:

    Rante and Dante QAQ~.. I love the twins so much <3 hhnngghhh

    asjkbfhaj and Force's brother has that very cold and elegant aura around him <3

  2. MelMelMelon says:

    Dat scene with Dante holding Lante’s hand.. DAT SCENE..! So precious I almost cried ;w; And Force’s brother is so ❤❤❤

  3. Lehst says:

    Thank for the summary on the latest AD chapter. It was a great chapter, I could completely tell what was going on just by the illustrations alone (but your summary helped fill in a few details <3 ). I really liked how dramatic the ending was with Ciz reflecting on Force sitting quiet and cool.

  4. Pattie says:

    I’m leaning over AD volume 2 to type this…

    First of all, thank you. Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for this blog. Frankly, I can’t remember how I discovered AD but I’m really happy I did. I was reading the scanlations on Storm in Heaven as I have zero Japanese and your summery was a great help.

    I’ve gone back to the beginning of the blog and am reading forward but wanted to let you know that I really truly appreciate all your work.

    Back to reading. ^__^

    • Cage of Maze says:

      Haha, nice to hear you’re finding this blog helpful~ ^^ I hope I’ll have time to write summaries for the new chapters some day soon…

      Thank you, we’ll keep this blog going~

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