Various news after a silent spring

Hi, it’s been a long while~ Actually both Michii and I have been more or less letting this blog sleep the whole spring. Urgh, I promise I’ll be more active at least this summer with the news and summaries and whatnot.

So, some news have been accumulating during this spring (not too much though). First, and maybe the most interesting bit of the news is that in the next volume of Haruca there’ll be starting a new series by Aki. As for the theme or so there’s nothing out yet… The next volume of Haruca will be out 8th of June, so quite soon.
EDIT: It appears the new series moved to the next volume of Haruca, which’ll be out 8th of September. The series will be called 彼岸の石, that is Higan no Ishi (something in the lines of “Stone/Jewel/Gem of Nirvana”).

Oh, and apparently Kurofune ZERO has turned into two pixiv magazines, Kurofune ZERO and kurofune MOMO (which has A*D nowadays)? I think we’d all appreciate more info regarding this, but I am not good with the site in question so… but at least i can say that there’s no new actual magazines anywhere… :(

The fifth volume of Mother Goose is also coming out with the beginning of June, actually on the first day. The volume is titled 英国マザーグース物語 聖夜に捧ぐ鎮魂歌 [The Tales of Great Britain’s Mother Goose ~Requiem Offered in the Holy Night~].

I guess this is after all a romance story…

During the spring, the 12th volume of Sugar Apple came out too. This time it was a short story collection called 王国の銀砂糖師たち [The Silver Dust Sugar Masters of the Kingdom]. The volume was out 30th of March.

I would really like to know if this was the last volume or not…?

So, that’s all for now. I hope you’ve all been having a great spring~

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Elhanburg’s Angel

Quick news~

Thanks to Melon for the heads-up~♥ Elhanburg’s Angel is set to be released into a tankoubon and would go on sale on the 8th of March 2013! Hoorah!! Translators, you now have the chance to scanlate this please! So I don’t have to do the summary lol /shot

And here’s a little preview on what the cover might look like! :)


love the details! *O*

I’m totally looking forward for the tank! :D Are you?



The cover is up~♪

Elhanburg's Angel


It’s really different from any of Aki’s other covers but I really like it. It’s like the first time she’s left it black and white/red so it’s all cool. The red brings out Lalvan beauty even more. I could now confirm that Lalvan is the main character of this manga. :’D Not sure what’s going on with the font but.. it’s acceptable, I guess?

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Mother Goose Volume 4

Did you see that Aruosumente Volume 3 cover?!?! oh my god that is like the most perfect cover ever! :’D

Anyway, coming up next is  The Tales of Great Britain’s Mother Goose ~Young Nobleman of Betrayal~ It is set to be released on the 1st of February 2013!

Is it just me or you guys too but  when I first saw this, I thought I saw Alshan in a dress /shot/

Is it just me or do you guys also think it looks like Alshan in a dress /shot/

Also a heads up, Elhanburg’s Angel has officially ended with chapter 5 and all I can say is that, to expect a tankoubon to be released any time soon! ♥

That is all o/

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Aruosumente, volume 3

So, this morning I was greeted by many many new covers for several different series. And this was among them. I think I have one thing to say (besides the fact that this volume will be out on 25th January, which is soon): …

…I finally got what I wanted~~~~! ÖvÖ

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A*D, special chapter

First and foremost, Happy New Year to all those following this blog~!

After a long wait for Kurofune ZERO, we got one volume (as Michii long ago has noted) without Aki cover and in larger size (B4). The chapter of A*D was surprisingly short, but after checking the first page, it makes sense: this time the chapter was a special one, outside of the main storyline. Which means we’ll be still waiting for chapter 14. Well, anyhow, this cute story was something that I liked very much~~

From Kurofune ZERO Special Edition 2012…

Rikuto’s smiling face, cubed sugar and Force’s feelings…


The chapter starts with Eiri and Yoneda seeing Rikuto, who is immersed in something he has found in a shop window. They note he is looking at cubed sugar, which Yoneda thinks is rather pricey for ordinary sugar (so he concludes it must a special product).

The scene shifts to Rikuto opening one box of the sugar with a glow around him. Eiri asks whether Jiz knows what it is with the sugar. He says that they use the brand at Force’s manor (too small of a brand to be used at the main manor, it seems). When Eiri admits that to him it looks just plain old sugar, Jiz adds that it has to do with adding a cube into tea. As Eiri tries it, Rikuto jumps near and announces cheerfully that he should wait 10 seconds. When it passes, a small flower surfaces to float on the tea. Rikuto says that if one adds many, it becomes a field of flowers. Eiri wonders whether it’d be too sweet, but at that same moment Force throws a whole fistful in his cup – and a flower field it becomes.

A pretty box of sugar cubes.

Jiz shouts at them not to use them for vain, and starts to slowly realize what a pricey goods those sugar cubes are. He connects it to Eiri, who is pleasantly smiling next to him and gives a beating to Rikuto for making the noble man buy some for him. Eiri interrupts saying that he bought on his own, but Jiz, knowing Rikuto, guesses right that the kid was drooling at the shop’s window with puppy eyes…

Eiri wonders what it is that makes Rikuto so interested in these small fake flowers. Even if they are well made, they are simple and Rikuto could make much more realistic ones. The boy answers that only these are fine, because “they were the most beautiful”.
Later, when Yoneda agrees with Eiri as to the flowers not being as good as Rikuto’s, it makes the latter think if there’s something more in the cubes to the boy, perhaps sentimental value. All Eiri can come up with, is that it has something to do with Force…

…and when Force pickers with Jiz regarding the former not knowing where the sugar cubes were made, he remembers that “back then you didn’t laugh”. Rikuto answers that “neither did Force”, and he is wondering whether is really was so.
Then we are shown a piece from the past from the viewpoint of Rikuto. Force offered him sugar for his tea, while the clearly injured and poor boy thought of him as black and scary. After taking one cube of sugar, Rikuto got a word from Force, “10 seconds”.

After 10 seconds…

And in that time there was a flower in his tea. Seeing his face, Force asked him if he liked flowers to which the boy nodded. Force noted that that was good and smiled a little. Rikuto was hit by that smile and realizes that he is a beautiful person (although he is very much black, taciturn and unsocial). He notes the older boy’s golden eyes for the first time, having thought of them as black before that. Rikuto wondered why Force was always in dark places as if hiding from something, being afraid of something – and why he had saved a boy like him…? It comes to Rikuto that probably since then he’s wanted to save this beautiful person…

“Well, that is good then.”

¤ ¤ ¤

…and that was this time’s extra chapter. Q___Q I am so moved… Somehow… /cries in a corner
I hope this was an okay summary and that you enjoyed it~!

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Aruosumente, 15th chapter

After a long while a summary of Aruosumente, chapter 15. I seriously look forward to summarizing the latest one~
This time the story moves forward in the present time, and we see the Sage after a long while…


The chapter opens with the senate and king at a meeting. The old men of the senate demand a severe punishment for risking the safety of the oracle by taking him out. The king does not see it necessary as nothing happened, but the men are decidedly behind the punishment decision. Reguna interrupts, saying he agrees with the king, for he was the one who out of his own decision went after Lante. For this Reguna sees the fault in himself not in Lante, and adds that his father Kian used to go around a lot more.
The men grow silent and quit the topic of Kian saying that they’re talking about Reguna, not his father. Reguna wonders whether this lie has always been as blunt, or whether he has been too simple in trusting them. He even asks inside what is it that they are trying to keep him away from. The king, when Reguna had asked, wondered whether it was merely the war of Finfield, but the oracle does not really buy that.

Continue reading

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Sugar Apple Fairytale 11 & Utapuri anthology

Yet another volume of Sugar Apple Fairytale coming out soon. The volume will be out December 28th, a bit after Christmas. The cover is cuddly enough to my tastes~ :3
This time the title is 銀砂糖師と金の繭 [silver dust sugar master and the golden cocoon].

As a small extra here’s a scan of the Utapuri anthology’s add from the back cover of latest Kurofune ZERO. Sure it has all these texts and such, but you can see all the characters~ (Oh, and click to see a bigger one~)

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